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Time to be Seen - Super Course

What is it? 🤔 

TediaXmonetize june .png

Tiktok is life changing. It would be a shame NOT to be able to crack the code.

Here's my secret one-of-a-kind step by step framework to finally get noticed.

And what's the difference with other courses?

  • For starters, I actually care & will be available

  • Made it Fun just like watching Netflix

  • Impactful just like I would talk to my Bestie

  • Visuals & Examples just like a Kids Book

  • Contineously Updated so it's always Releveant. I never stop.

Really? I wanna see it for myself 😒

Sure here's a exclusive demo

What's in it? 👀

7 Modules. I though of everything and beyond to make you blossom on Tiktok.



  • Introduction 

  • Staring from scratch expectations/mindset

  • Goals & Affirmations to attract success

  • Your steps to go viral this week

  • and more


the Algo'
for virality


  • Tiktok's Walktrhough & Gem Features

  • Tiktok's updated Algortihm  explained

  • Psycology of viral videos on the FYP

  • and more


Respectfully it's time to
figure out
who TF is you 

  • My "Perso n' Niche" Framework

  • My "WikiStory" Framework 

  • How to find out who you are then unleash that beast

  • How to show up as the bestie/big sis, authority figure

  • and more


You ain't going no where without a community

  • Guide to your influence 

  • Attract your ideal Tiktokies (target audience) 

  • Create a safe space for your Tiktokies to thrive

  • Perfecting your first impression - your Bio. 

  • and more


Okayy here comes the the queen of viral content

  • Master original content to make your Tiktokies fall in love

  • Storytelling & copywriting like a best seeling author for scripting

  • To art to start/finish your videos to create addiction

  • and more


Them easy peasy technicalities
to go viral 

  • All SEO & Tiktok search strategies to accelarate growth

  • Write better captions + hashtags guide

  • Film and edit different types of Tiktoks for max engagement.

  • and more


Get that
sch' Money

  • All the ways to make money on tiktok with any size audience

  • Secure sponsorships

  • Sell your knowlegde with digital products & lead attraction

  • Sell without selling in your content

  • and more

3 hours of materials to finally break the algorithm. I call this an investment in yourself #TimeEffective

Who is it for? 

Reserved ONLY for motivated queens ready to use Tiktok to market themselves or their biz 👑

  • Current creators who post consistently but with no results 

  • Completely new creator who wanna start strong

  • Creators = Personal brands in all niches



Just 397$

for a limited time only

price will increase to 797$ soon!

I wanna know about bonuses? 🎉

Free gift #1

Notion Content Planner

The ultimate tool to organize and bring to life your amazing ideas. 

TediaXmonetize August pt.2.png

0$ for you

Value 57$

Notion content planner image for social media

Free gift #2

Private Community

Ask me anything and be the first to know about new Tiktok updates and trends to create. 

0$ for you

Value 99$

Notion content planner image for social media

Free gift #3

Viral & Clout Video Scripts

45+ Plug and play templates to share stories, advice & adventures authentically to immediately captive attention& make an impact

0$ for you

Value 117$

Notion content planner image for social media

Free gift #4

Rich Girl Instagram

Ps : Instagram ain't dead. Mini Instagram Course for real updated ways to gain reach and followers in 2023 not 2012.

0$ for you

Value 147$

Notion content planner image for social media

No more taking the WRONG steps to grow on Tiktok and make money ❌ 

  • No more waking up daily thinking "Well it's not working, maybe i'm not fit for it"

  • No more ashamed of your results

  • No more nun impactful content or copying others

  • No more spending hours for 1 video that no one will even see

  • No more sitting on a community making 0$ from it

  • Listening to 10 different gurus at the same time and applying contractidory advice

  • no more losing other year by being overwhled to start your creator journey

What's the catch?

No catch. So confident that my methods work that if they don't. you get 100% your money back. No risk for you.

That's right. Issa Guagantee* darling. 

*A 180 days action based guarantee. Show me that you applied my startageies for 180 days and got zero traction and I will get your money back. 


Say yes to ✅ 

  • Feeling like the universe actually listens to your prayers/affirmations by gifting you a community that sends you thank you messages/comments everyda

  • Creating a safe place for your community to feel like home

  • Placing your videos in front of the right audience who will freaking love you/your message and follow you immediately

  • Content that will make your audience go straight in the link in your bio to buy/support you

  • Results : Reach + Convert viewers into followers

  • Never running out of create ideas

  • A System to organize and post consistently

And you are?

And the others?

Imma keep it real. This course is new. So I won't invent fake reviews. I will update this section soon. Just know that your results are my reputation.

So I created this course for high impact, inspiration, guidance and results.

But here are what my other clients have to say from working with me 🍓 

Be for real is this really gonna help me ?

Oh beleive me imma be real with you. If you ain't ready to take this seriously, to get out your comfort zone, to show up consistently for weeks/months... 

I don't want you to buy this course. It will not be helpful.   

If you are then HELL YESSSS. I did everything in my power to make showing up on tiktok easier, practical and efficient inside this course just for you.


Can I just learn for free online?

Of course! Again, imma be honest. You can learn online. But some people spent months of errors and practice to figure out how it works.

I am here to take that friction away and get you started yesterday

There comes a time where you can outgrow free content. Always the same basic or contracditory information circulating. You won't grow like this.

Besides. I know there is tones of information in this course that are proven methods I created and you won't learn anywhere else. Not even on my social media platforms.

Here are some of my free ressources
- Tiktok account
- Instagram account
- Youtube channel
- Free Training
 & Guide


Do you offer any private mentorship? 

My course client are always welcome to message me (written or voice) any questions they have. In fact they will always be my priority when responding to my messages.

How long before I see results?  

If you are here for a "overnight" success pill this course is not it. 

Results will take weeks of application. Because that how success works. Disclpline + Consistenty + Improvement + Time. 

Anyone trying to tell you different. Just want to pray on your emotions and steal your money.

In this course, I worked hours day/night to give the ball in your court. 

I want this to be a consious decisions for you to invest in yourself.


Sign in today to get

The value of a course like this is well above 2000$ as you can see. I wanted to make it affordable for you yet a serious investment that you will take seriously.


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